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10 Tipps | Success with your videos

1.) YouTube & Social Media
You publish the video on YouTube and link this to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With over a billion users, your video will gain attention on YouTube. A short video is also an optimal way to advertise for your blog, your services, or a product.

2.) Super Video Material
Find out what your target audience is interested in, and focus on these interests in your video. You need to be creative: “How to” or “DIY” (do it yourself) videos are becoming more and more popular on YouTube. These are video users who want to compare or improve their personal abilities and are looking for experiences from others. Everyone enjoys watching a short animated video, without getting bored or clicking away. Get the best After effects Templates on:
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3.) Optimize Your Content
After you’ve completed your video and uploaded it to YouTube, the next step is to make sure your voice is heard. Google is the most important instrument for this goal, think of keywords that will draw attention to your video, then use them in a targeted way. Integrate the keywords into the title, description, and tags for your video. This continuity will ensure your video maintains a high ranking after a few weeks or months. Use attractive thumbnails to encourage viewers to watch your video.

4.) Link to Your Homepage
To make users aware of your URL as well, enter a link to the page under your video (preferably in the description of the video). A convincing video will draw users to your homepage as well, especially if you link to the homepage during the final sequence of your video. This helps you gain users and potential customers.

5.) Keep Costs Low – Create Videos Online
Create your video online with https://www.video-stockfootage.com You will find the perfect video templates for your needs here. Write your own message and design your own video. Advertise with your video! Uploading a video on YouTube for promotional purposes costs an average of between 0.02 – 0.04 USD. This is an almost unbeatable price-performance ratio. These low costs also allow you to appeal to billions of potential “viewers,” an enormous reach that can hardly be matched by any other marketing strategy.

6.) Sharing
Use the various social media channels to circulate your video. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or Snapchat – share your video on all the channels that seem reasonable to you. Never forget to ask others to share! The more your video is shared, the more people can see it, improving your Google ranking. Virality is a key factor in video marketing.

7.) Inspire Interaction
The more interaction that takes place because of your video, the better. For instance, you can ask visitors directly what they think of the video. Comments and likes will improve the level of awareness, and increase the chance it will be seen in a YouTube or Google search. Try to start a discussion through the video, the description, and your own comments.

8.) Animated, or Live Action?
First, you need to answer the question of whether you want to place the focus on a specific product or service. There are different video solutions for both options – either animated or live action films. Animated explanatory videos are a trend, and are always highly popular. Of course, which one you will choose depends on your specific project.

9.) Gain Subscribers
You can build up a broad network of subscribers on YouTube. When a user subscribes to your YouTube channel, your best video (measured by links and comments) will automatically appear on their channel. You should also subscribe to as many active YouTube users as possible yourself so that you build up a network step by step that can share, like, and comment on your video.

10.) Integrate Other Platforms
When you have created a foundation on YouTube. You can further increase awareness for your video on DailyMotion, MyVideo, Vimeo, or Break. Concentrate on the platforms that are most interesting for you. It doesn’t do you any good to upload the video everywhere, if your primary target audience only makes use of Facebook and YouTube. Once you know the platforms, then concentrate on your channels and distribute your video.